Saturday, 3 January 2009

Sleeping On It... Wake Up To Hutson!

Shoot... bit of a winter recess for me there. I only just got into this blog lark, and things got so busy I couldn't post anymore for a spell there. So, I'm gonna get ready and post me a whole bunch more of those Mitchell and Waits boots. For now tho' just a quick 'heads up' for Leroy Hutson's sublime Hutson album.

 This recording is so damnably good it's forcing me to go out and get a new set of decent speakers, as cranking up the Harmann Kardons on my Powerbook just ain't cuttin' it! 'Lucky Fellow' is the standout track, but in truth the whole album stands out like a beacon of brilliance, and that's no mean feat in an era flooded with sonic loveliness. I'm not posting a link to a download on this one, you gotta go through the proper channels and pick up a copy of the Soul Brother Records reissue. Glad to see some fellow UK cats keeping the faith on this stuff. Can someone - anyone - enlighten me as to how to get playable/streaming sample tunes into ye old blog? I'd like to have 'Lucky Fellow' available here as a taster.


Undercover Black Man said...

Cheers, Goat. Welcome back. I only recently discovered your blog, and now I'm following.

I'm a funk fan from way-da-funk-back... and co-author of a George Clinton & P-Funk oral history.

Anyways, to you question about streaming tracks. I'm sure there are other ways, but what I did was to create a blog on, as sort of an annex to my main blog, where I discuss a lot of music.

Like you say, it's nice to offer readers a taster whilst discussing some new or old track of interest. By now, I've got a repository of more than 1,200 audio files on my Vox blog.

Ease-of-use couldn't be better. Uploading MP3s and other sound files is a breeze. Then you can put the link in your blog post, so that it works a little something like this.

The other cool thing about having a catalog of sound files stored on a separate blog is... people can stumble on the music months later, whether or not they know about your main blog, and indeed you can drive random stumblers back to your main blog by means of the Vox blog.

Anyway... carry on.

Undercover Black Man said...

And in the meantime, funky goat, feel free to link to this.

cheeba said...

Hellz yeah! Welcome back FG! Was hopin' you didn't give up the goat (errr...sorry but couldn't resist).

On point again with your recommndation. Hutson is under-rated and I love the suff he did with Natural Four on Curtom too.

Happy New Year!

thefunkygoat said...

Hey, UBM, thanks for all that. I'll be checking out your 'streaming tracks' stuff when I get a moment. I'm always so g'damn busy!

Are you able to send me a copy of the book you co-wrote? I'm working on my first full-length, full-strength opus at the mo', and all/any ref I can get is mighty helpful, plus I can cite you as ref ;-)

And Cheeba, thanks for the kind words... it's nice to finally get back in the saddle. I have so much on the go it's hard to find time to post. Also, gotta tell you how much I dig your posts. I just wish I could find time to get up all the stuff I want to post!

Undercover Black Man said...

^ I'm afraid I have no spare copies of the book, FG.

But it's called "George Clinton & P-Funk: An Oral History"... part of Dave Marsh's "For the Record" paperback series from 1998. There are used copies for sale online.

Take it easy.

cheeba said...

Hey FG! I know you're a busy boy and just glad to read you when you pop up! Besides, I'm usually a quality over quantity type person so that's why I follow this blog ;)

BTW, I thought I'd let you and your readers know that Doc Okeh has dropped a treasure trove of Hutson today so don't sleep!

thefunkygoat said...

Thanks Cheeba, you're a true pal! I'm off to make an appointment with the Doc'!