Monday, 26 January 2009

Courtial - Don't You Think It's Time (1975)

Another redirect from the goat. This one's been posted a number of times... I first heard it here. I'd just like to add my own reflections to what other folk have (or haven't) said about this album.

Keb Darge included 'Losing You' on his Deep Funk Vol. 3 comp (that's where I first heard of these super-bad super-dudes), and I've also heard that it was on a Luv 'n' Haight Cali Soul comp too. 'Losing You' has a killer piano driven groove, akin to the (new) Rotary Connection's 'Black Gold Of The Sun', but faster, with brilliantly executed and punishingly speedy right handed 16ths from drummer Geoff White.

I love everything about this album: from the nutty but natty duds the guys are sporting on the cover - kind of Renaissance, or Dutch 17th century - to the wonderful grooves within. Title track 'Don't You Think It's Time' is reminiscent of mid 70's Herbie grooves like the opening section of 'Hang Up Your Hang Ups', and the deliciously titled 'Corn On The Cob' is an ace funky fusion instrumental workout with a good taut groove. And there's plenty more to enjoy!

Here's a YouTube video I found of 'Losing You', the best known track from this album:


Don't You Think It's Time
Thank You Baby
Time To Explain
Best Of Friends
Poem For Helen
Losing You
Love Nevermore
Take The Time
Corn On The Cob


Bill Courtial - Guitar
Errol Knwoles - Vocals
Pete Escovedo - Congas
Edward Williams III - Bass
Geoffrey White - Drums
Jose Najera - Percussion

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