Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Hello & welcome to 'sounds from the funky goat'!

Having enjoyed the postings of so many others generously sharing music that is otherwise unavailable, I thought I'd like to pitch in too. My first post is going to be a bunch of early Tom Waits bootlegs. These are for you GS, let's hope this works!

The title of the blog has links to my outside interests as a musician, and doesn't mean this is a funk only zone. I'm quite proudly eclectic and wide-ranging in my tastes, and this blog will reflect that. The only principle that I aim to adhere to content wise is that it should be music not commercially available at the present. If you're a musician or any other type of music industry figure and you know otherwise concerning any of my postings, let me know and the offending post will be updated, to replace the download link with a link to where you can purchase the relevant item.

A quick note on the download links: I've incorporated them into the body of the text, at points that I think are fitting. You won't find links saying 'download here', nor will the links always be in the same position within the posting. Personally I don't like links being in the comments section, 'cause it's a faff, but on the other hand I like the idea that you have to read the text in full and find the link... or work a little for your reward!

Also, if you download from me, then I'd really appreciate a comment. I was a bit tardy in getting into this myself (I'm steadily working through posts to thank those I've taken from), but I've come to appreciate that those of us who are labouring to share our musical love appreciate the feedback. What's especially nice to find is a link to some other goodies... now that's what I call sharing the love!

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